Our Story

With a dream in my heart, my husband and I were driving home from Glamis Sand Dunes as we find ourselves often doing during the winter season. I looked over at him and said I really really want to start an online boutique. He said, “okay.” He has always been so supportive gracious and loving in this way of his easy okay. I said, “Okay, first we need a name.” I started to rattle off some ideas when he said, “What about think Cute?” I said, “Oh my gosh that is perfect!”

You see, after having my last baby girl, I fell into a deep postpartum depression. At the time I didn't realize that was what I was experiencing, but with the help of my family, I went on a massive mental + heart healing journey. And I had an amazing personal growth spurt. My mindset was way off and I had to get intentional with what I was focusing on and thinking about.

So, Mindset and Thinking have been the topics at hand, changing the way I think about things and renewing my mind in Jesus. Think Cute was an ideal brand name because like myself, I understand that many women “think” a lot and it isn’t always positive. So, with that being said I am excited to give women an outlet to think cute!

Starting Think Cute Boutique truly is a dream come true for me. As an ambitious wife and mom, I have the greatest desire to work from home and be readily available to my family. And with this, I get to do just that. (Thank you in advance for shopping think cute)

I have enjoyed all that has gone into launching Think Cute Boutique and look forward to the growth that is to come.

Our mission is to empower women through cute curated fashion and a powerful message on having a cute, yet strong and positive mindset.

We believe our customers deserve an experience that is cute, fun, and excellent. That gives luxurious customer service.

The Think Cute woman is fun + ambitious. thinking cute is her lifestyle. With a renewed mind she is getting better every day, not conformed but transformed with focus on her goals. Pursuing a life of joy and luxury on every level.

because when you look cute you feel cute and when you feel cute you will dominate your moment! So, be empowered to think cute.

Our Core Values

💖 Fun

💖 Cuteness

💖 Excellence

💖 Experience

💖 Luxurious Customer Service